Woods, Confirmed To Attend The Champions Dinner

According to the reports, the player Tiger Woods has confirmed that he will attend the Champions Dinner before the Masters. However, it is still undecided if Woods will make at Augusta National the first tee.

Woods, said his injured back is getting better. After complete recovery, the player is hoping to continue his game. He is trying hard in hopes to be the part of the first major 2017 PGA Tour.

The legendary player, was suffering from the back problem since long and because of that he missed the Masters in 2016 and  in 2014. In an exclusive interview with USA Today Sports, Woods said, “I have an opportunity to play, and I am trying every possible thing to make for the event. Besides recovering from the pain I am working to gain confidence in my game and improve it, and I am almost done. Just waiting for the point where I can feel confident to be healthy and fit.”

He further added that, “I have been the part of number of Masters in my career so far. I am aware of the things that are required for a player get back to the game after a long gap.” “Now my job is to prepare myself for that thing.

It is not like only Woods is waiting to get everything perfect, but the fans of the Woods are also desperately waiting for their favorite player to come to the field and show his extraordinary game. Woods has a large fan base. Woods is getting the get well soon messages from his fans all over the world on his social media accounts. If now, Woods does not feel himself ready to come to events, but yes, the fans of woods can get the glimpse of their favorite player in the events where he confirmed he is coming.